Ocean Artistry Yachats, Oregon


Bringing all types of art to the

Yachats community.

OceanArtristy.org  has been created to inform you of what artistic productions are being produced by Polly Plumb Productions. It is our goal to bring brighter and better artworks to our Yachats, Oregon community. We invite you to share this information near and far, with friends and family. Polly Plumb Productions (PPP) is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization that was formed in 2015 by Burgundy Featherkile and Linda Hetzler. PPP produces diverse, artistic, colorful, whimsical, musical and intelligent arts and cultural programming that embraces and reflects the inclusive and eclectic nature of our Yachatian residents and visitors.
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Nancy E. Kibbey, Eugene, Oregon
Nancy E. Kibbey, Eugene, Oregon
Janet Hiller, Eugene, Oregon